What You Need to Know About Sensitive Content Security and Compliance in 2024

12 sensitive content communication predictions based on cybercrime, cybersecurity, and compliance trends





Frank Balonis

CISO and SVP of Operations, Kiteworks



Ranbir Bhutani

CEO and vCISO, CyberCulture



Patrick Spencer, Ph.D.

VP of Corp. Marketing & Research, Kiteworks

2024 is almost upon us, and if you’re in IT, security, risk management, and/or compliance, you’re busy planning and prioritizing your technology initiatives. Researchers and practitioners from Kiteworks put together 12 predictions for our 2024 Forecast Report that you need to understand as you do so.

This moderated panel discussion will take an in-depth look at the 12 predictions. Attendees will learn how ...

    • GenAI LLMs ratchet up security and compliance risks
    • Legacy MFT, email, and other technologies have inherent security weaknesses and gaps
    • Government agencies and standards bodies are evolving regulations and standards to address new and increased cyber risks
    • Increases in regulatory fines and focus on data sovereignty need to drive changes in file and email data exchange
    • Consolidation of sensitive content communications onto one platform enables organizations to manage security and compliance risks

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