Unlock the Power of REAL Zero Trust Through Content-based Risk Policies

Combining Kiteworks PCN with Forcepoint CDR and DLP to apply zero-trust controls on the content itself for better threat and private information protection in one solution






Daniel Turner

VP of Global Threat & Compliance Intelligence, Forcepoint


Amit Toren

SVP of Corporate & Business Development, Kiteworks


Patrick Spencer, Ph.D.

VP of Research & Corporate Marketing, Kiteworks (Moderator)

Disaggregation of sensitive content communication tools and failure to integrate security technologies into those siloed tools results in higher risk.

Attend this moderated webinar to learn how ...

  • Disaggregation and lack of integration translates into higher security and compliance risk
  • The Kiteworks and Forcepoint partnership extends zero trust to the content layer by integrating Forcepoint CDR and DLP into the Kiteworks Private Content Network
  • Organizations can centrally define, enforce, and prove adherence to security and compliance policies
  • A trust-no-one content security and least-privilege access are requisite
  • And more …

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