Top 5 Ways Kiteworks® Secures Microsoft 365 3rd Party Communications

Speaker: Vince Lau, Director, Product

Many IT security teams are now re-evaluating their Microsoft 365 cloud and Microsoft on-premise software stack after the recent attacks against Exchange. They often find its cloud and on-premise protection inconsistent, and it raises additional auditing and data control challenges for 3rd party communications. Learn how the Kiteworks® content firewall addresses 3rd party communications security and compliance challenges with the following five protection layers around Microsoft 365 offerings.

Key Takeaways:

  • Immutable and Comprehensive Microsoft 365 Auditing
  • Secure and Compliant OneDrive Sharing
  • Secure Unlimited Sized File Sharing
  • Zero Trust Phish-Proof Email
  • Private Deployment for Complete Microsoft 365 Data Control

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Learn how you can address security and compliance challenges around Microsoft 365 offerings.