Kiteworks’ IRAP-assessed Private Content Network Gives MinterEllison an Advantage








Sunil Saale

CISO, MinterEllison

Rohan Dutt

Director, Industry Solutions, Kiteworks

Danielle Barbour

Director, Product Marketing, Regulatory Compliance, Kiteworks

Australian government agencies and third parties are turning to IRAP-assessed applications. Join our upcoming webinar to learn how Kiteworks empowers your organization with unparalleled security and compliance.

Attendees of this webinar will learn ...

    • Why IRAP-assessed solutions are critical levers for organizations like MinterEllison
    • What next-generation digital rights management (DRM) looks like and why it is important
    • How zero-trust policy management tracks and controls sensitive content across communication channels
    • What detailed audit logs look like and how these enable organizations to demonstrate compliance with regulations easily and fast
    • Why it is important to look at applications validated by numerous standards bodies like IRAP

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