Join the (R)evolution: Navigating the Future of Digital Rights Management

Empower Secure File Sharing Without Compromise






Victoria Foster

VP, Product Mgt., Kiteworks



Yul Bahat

Sr. Director, Cybersecurity Engineering, Kiteworks



Bob Ertl

Sr. Director, Industry Solutions, Kiteworks

Join us for a transformative webinar where we explore Kiteworks’ groundbreaking DRM capabilities that are redefining secure content communications and collaboration. This panel of experts will address the pain points of legacy DRM systems and how Kiteworks’ next-generation DRM uses zero-trust policy management internally and with third parties.

External collaboration with control, uncompromised security for documents, robust governance, universal support for all file types, and more.

Attendees of this webinar will learn how Kiteworks delivers ...

    • Editable file access externally with just a standard browser and without transferring original source data
    • Reduced IT overhead, minimized compliance uncertainty, and eliminated platform dependence
    • Enhanced security and flexibility with a native application experience for reading and writing files
    • Universal file type support with restricted collaboration across all file types
    • Secure co-authoring of content by external teams while retaining complete data custody and avoidance of productivity trade-offs

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