How to Ensure Data Sovereignty Compliance With Your Sensitive Content Communications

Content-defined policy management for compliance with data localization laws





Camilo Artiga-Purcell

General Counsel, Kiteworks



Philipp Wittek

Director Revenue, DRACOON



Danielle Barbour

Director Product Marketing – Compliance, Kiteworks

70% of countries now regulate how companies collect, store, and use data about their citizens. As a result, data sovereignty compliance is a requisite for virtually any business with international sales and operations.

Attendees of this webinar will learn . . .

  • What organizations need to know when it comes to data privacy and data sovereignty
  • How the emergence of GenAI LLMs ratchets up organizational data sovereignty risks
  • How content-defined policy management empowers organizations to track and control sensitive content communications and thereby comply with data localization laws
  • Why organizations need single-tenant hosting over multitenant options and how such helps ensure data sovereignty
  • How Kiteworks customers rely on the Kiteworks-enabled Private Content Network to support data sovereignty compliance

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