How Federal Agencies Can Comply With the Zero-trust Data Requirement in EO 14028




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A zero-trust cybersecurity approach is now the mandate for Federal agencies with the release of the OMB memorandum on January 26. A verify-once-at-the-perimeter cybersecurity approach no longer works but rather continual verification of each user, device, application, and transaction is required.

Join this moderated webinar discussion featuring subject-matter experts in zero trust and sensitive data communications to learn what Federal agencies must do to comply with the “Data” requirement in the memorandum. 


J. Michael Daniel

President & CEO

Cyber Threat Alliance

Special Guest


Alan Levine

Faculty & Advisory Board, CISO Exec Program 

Carnegie Mellon University


Special Guest

Frank Balonis-2

Frank Balonis

CISO and SVP of Operations



Special Guest


Patrick Spencer, Ph.D.

Cybersecurity Journalist