Master Digital Rights Management: A Webinar Roundtable on Kiteworks’ 2023 Sensitive Content Communications Report

Counter Increasing Risks From Siloed Communication Tools and Expanding File and Email Data Exchange With Third Parties



Taiye Lambo

HISPI Founder and eFortresses Cofounder



Andreas Wuchner

Cyber-risk Advisor and Investor



Patrick Spencer

VP of Corporate Marketing, Kiteworks

Digital Rights Management Needs a “Do-over”!

Our experts will discuss key findings in the 2023 Sensitive Content Communications Privacy and Compliance Report and pinpoint takeaways in this webinar roundtable, including ...

  • A deep dive into key insights in the report
  • How siloed communication tools create security and compliance risk
  • Why digital rights management requires a “do-over”
  • How many organizations experienced a cyber exploit of their file and email data communications in the past year
  • What sensitive content types pose the greatest risk
  • And more …

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