Anatomy of an MFT Breach

Why All the Breaches? How MFT Modernization Is No Longer an Option.








Charles Carmakal

CTO, Mandiant Consulting



Yaron Galant

Chief Product Officer, Kiteworks



Patrick Spencer, Ph.D.

VP of Research & Corp. Marketing, Kiteworks

Security researchers are sounding the alarm after a series of breaches of managed file transfer (MFT) tools. Supply chain breaches of MFT tools can expose large troves of sensitive content from hundreds to thousands of organizations that bad actors can exploit in nefarious ways.

Our two panelists approach the topic in two unique ways—one who leads a team of incidence responders, analysts, and consultants, and one who experienced a breach of a legacy MFT solution and the steps that were taken.

Key takeaways:

  • Attack techniques employed against Accellion FTA, GoAnywhere, and MOVEit MFT attacks
  • Techniques bad actors employed to make money in each instance
  • Learnings and observations from Mandiant’s investigations
  • Security learnings from the Accellion FTA breach and Kiteworks security approach

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