15 Risks of Private Content Exposure You Need to Know About in 2023

Align your risk management strategies with our 2023 Forecast

Watch the webinar and learn:

  • What 15 risk management issues—cyber threats, compliance requirements, and cybersecurity responses—will be important in 2023
  • How private data is growing in business importance and why this increases risk
  • What strategies and tactics cybercriminals and rogue nation-states are using to hack private data
  • What cybersecurity strategies you can employ to manage the risk of sensitive content communications
  • How you can manage the risk of private data exchange with governance tracking and controls
  • And more …

Kiteworks 2023 Forecast on Managing the Risks of Private Content Exposure Report features three thought leaders in risk management who reflect on Kiteworks' 15 Forecast areas and provide recommendations on what they mean for your cybersecurity, compliance, and governance initiatives in the coming year.

Andreas Smaller

Andreas Wuchner

Cyber Security & Risk Investor and Advisor

Yaron Square

Yaron Galant

Chief Product Officer


Patrick Spencer

VP Corp. Marketing



Watch the Webinar Replay

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