Why Security Best Practices Aren’t Enough in the Era of Data Privacy

Checking off the security boxes isn’t enough when it comes to data privacy and your ability to demonstrate chain of custody





Joe Nugent, J.D., CIPP

Sr. Corp. Counsel, Intellia Therapeutics


Camilo Artiga-Purcell, J.D.

General Counsel, Kiteworks


Patrick Spencer, Ph.D.

VP of Research & Corporate Marketing, Kiteworks (Moderator)

Data privacy regulations are proliferating as governments and industry entities seek to address data privacy concerns.

This moderated webinar features two subject-matter legal experts in data privacy. Attendees will learn ...

    • What qualifies as private data
    • Why data privacy is a business problem
    • How current risk management approaches miss the data privacy “mark”
    • Why governance must be part of your security strategy
    • How content-defined zero trust keeps your private data private and meets chain-of-custody requirements

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