Secure Managed File Transfer

Modernize and Secure Automated Workflows

Organizations today must move quickly and efficiently to remain competitive. They must also prove to auditors and regulators that sensitive data is rigorously protected and meets the latest compliance mandates.

These competing requirements force infrastructure teams to rationalize and modernize legacy solutions that have been overlooked for years. While traditional managed file transfer (MFT) solutions protect files in transit, they unfortunately miss critical security layers that protect sensitive content from unauthorized access.

Now, businesses can revolutionize their MFT capabilities while improving security and governance with Kiteworks' Secure Managed File Transfer—designed from the ground up for consolidation, visibility, security, and compliance.

A virtual hardened appliance protects all MFT system components, including services, database, file system, and operating system. It seals the perimeter around each MFT server with a network firewall, shuts off unnecessary ports, defaults to the most secure settings, and secures all authorized communications with zero trust principles.

Kiteworks' secure managed file transfer also provides superior governance capabilities like policy controls and a full audit trail for compliance with standards like NIST 800-53, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and more. Every file that enters or leaves your organization is tracked and logged so you see who’s sending what to whom, when, where and how.

Kiteworks' secure MFT also makes managed file transfer simple, scalable, and reliable. Every transfer is managed, monitored, and recoverable.

Don’t leave your organization at risk of a data breach or compliance violation. Lock down your MFT workflows with Kiteworks.

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Lock down your managed file transfer workflows.