Secure File Sharing

Lock Down Sensitive Digital Assets Whenever and However You Share Them

Sharing sensitive information like patient records, legal documents, or financial spreadsheets with trusted third parties is essential to every business.

But how do you know that information is protected once you share it, and how can you ensure that only the intended recipient sees it?

Kiteworks secure file sharing gives users a secure, private way to share confidential information with lawyers, consulting physicians, accountants, and other trusted third parties.

Kiteworks secure shared folders allow users to lets you collaborate on confidential information for special projects like clinical trials, outsourcing, and mergers and acquisitions with complete confidence in their security, privacy and compliance.

Kiteworks secure file sharing provides the same ease of use found in consumer cloud file sharing apps. It integrates with email, mobile, office and enterprise apps so users can access and share any document from any connected repository, from any device, anywhere in the world. It even applies your compliance policies and a real-time audit trail to OneDrive files so you can safely share and collaborate with third parties.

Don’t leave your organization at risk of a data breach or compliance violation. Protect your sensitive information without compromising employee productivity with Kiteworks' secure file sharing.

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Give users a simple, secure, private way to share confidential information.