Secure Content Access

Share Sensitive Information, Wherever It’s Stored, Securely and in Compliance

Companies use content repositories like OneDrive, Google Drive, file shares and SharePoint to store sensitive information. However, every time employees access and share sensitive information from these data stores, they risk exposing sensitive information to unauthorized individuals. An inadvertent data breach can cost companies millions of dollars in regulatory fines and lost business.

Enterprises use the Kiteworks enterprise content firewall to mitigate costly data breach and compliance risks by giving their employees a secure, governed channel to share sensitive content stored in public cloud storage services, on-premises ECM systems, file shares, and other repositories.

Admins control sharing policies so only authorized employee roles can access and share your sensitive files and folders from these systems. And users can share content from anywhere, over the Web or with a secure mobile app, without the risks of opening a VPN from untrusted locations into your corporate network.

Security teams monitor all file activity: every file upload, download, send, open, edit, copy, and share, unified across all connected repositories. Compliance teams leverage the correlated, standardized audit trail and syslog in real time to see who sent what file to whom and when.

Don’t leave your organization at risk of a data breach or compliance violation. Securely access and share the sensitive files in your enterprise content repositories with Kiteworks.

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Securely access and share your enterprise content repositories.