Kiteworks® Secure Managed File Transfer

Most managed file transfer products were born long before Stuxnet and NotPetya, and many years before SOC 2, NIST 800-53, and even ISO 27001. They leave defense-in-depth up to you, and provide disjointed, inconsistent logs rather than the coherent audit trail you need to demonstrate compliance.

Organizations today need an MFT solution with modern security and compliance built-in from the ground up. The Kiteworks® content firewall consolidates and controls communications with customers and suppliers—sending them through a gauntlet of layered defenses and tracking every detail in an immutable audit log. Learn how Kiteworks® secure MFT makes it easy to meet your security and compliance policies, and raises the bar for scalability, speed of onboarding trading partners, reliable operations, and ease of use for business end users.

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Meet security and compliance policies with the most modern MFT solution on the market.