Defend Against External Workflow Threats

Protecting Sensitive Content in a Dangerously Connected World

The modern enterprise spends millions of dollars on cyber security, yet the modern CISO can’t say in any specific detail what information is entering and leaving the firm. How sensitive is it? Who is sending it? Who is receiving it? Where is it going?

As a result, everyday workflows where employees exchange sensitive information with third parties expose the firm to constant threats, including leaks, phishing, malicious files, and compliance violations. Complete protection requires a defense that spans the full breadth of the associated threat surface: the collective paths of all files entering and leaving the organization.

Download this eBook to take a fresh look at cybersecurity through the sharp lens of the third party workflow threat surface and deploy five concrete strategies to visualize it, shrink it, and defend it.

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Deploy 5 concrete strategies to visualize, shrink, and defend the external workflow threat surface.