US Federal
Customer Storybook

Kiteworks® Content Firewall

See how the Kiteworks® platform can transform, automate, secure and ensure compliance over any complex federal process involving sensitive data shared with third parties across all common communication channels from email to file sharing to SFTP to MFT.

  • A national health agency enables HIPAA compliant epidemiology reporting from thousands of hospitals and clinics, automating secure transfers to over 100 applications
  • A department achieves compliance for overseas health records, securing local health care provider transfers while providing a comprehensive audit trail
  • A large department’s OIG maintains CJIS compliance on joint investigations by using secure shared folders and email to protect evidence
  • A high-profile dispute resolution office digitizes its privacy-sensitive workflow, delivering compliant, cloud-based case submission and management

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Learn how the US government uses Kiteworks® to securely exchange content with third parties.